Olympic Torch comes to Donatello!

The Olympic Torch came to Donatello yesterday carried aloft by Zach Narvaez (17). Zach was the first torch bearer in Brighton when the flame was lit at 7.20 a.m. Zach was picked due to the tireless work he does in raising money for The Martlets Hospice. Martlets offers free end of life care to over one thousand people living in and around the Brighton & Hove area every year. They are not part of the NHS and need to raise over £9000 everyday in order to offer their services.

ImageSue Addis (pictured) is also a supporter of The Martlets and was pleased to welcome Zach to Donatello yesterday to give him some much needed refreshments after the hustle and bustle of carrying the Olympic Torch through a crowded Pavillion Gardens.

The Olympic Torch Relay also publishes the Nomination story for each torchbearer and we are happy to share Zach’s story with you today. Well done Zach and keep up the terrific work you are doing.

Zach’s Nomination Story

Zach is a truly outstanding pupil, as described by his former teacher at Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching him and he is one of the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever met . He is always willing to help other people and get involved in every aspect of school life. Zach’s grandfather died of cancer a the Martlets Hospice in 2006. Zach set up a unregistered charity to raise funds for cancer research and the hospice. In 3 years Zach has raised £4000. As well as charity work Zach is involved in all aspects of school life winning 3 eco awards and being Chair of the School Council and Eco Committee as well as being Deputy Head Boy.

You can of course make a donation to The Martlets. Make A Donation Now.