Donatello Dishes Up For St Anne’s Day Celebrations

Last Friday was St Anne’s day – a special day for the patrons and volunteers of Brighton’s St Anne’s Day Centre – a local day centre providing food and warmth for the community’s homeless people.

As part of our continued support for the centre, Donatello staff cooked and served up a delicious 4-course meal for 60 of the centre’s users.  To assist the centre’s volunteers with the task of feeding the hungry guests, Mayor of Brighton, Brian Fitch was on hand, ably assisted by his wife, Norah.


The occasion was a huge success – it was great to see everyone tucking in to huge plates of food.  The gravy in particular was singled out for special appreciation!


St Anne’s has been helping out underprivileged and vulnerable people in Brighton for over 30 years, providing food, shelter and companionship to those who need it most.  Donatello are huge admirers of the work done by the volunteers and staff at St Anne’s Centre and we have been long-time supporters of the trust.

Their open door policy offers a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to use the centre’s facilities, irrespective of background or religious faith.  St Anne’s Day Centre serves a light breakfast each morning at 10am, and a hearty 3-course lunch at noon.  The centre also provides clothing to visitors, thanks to generous donations from the people of Brighton and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to find out more about the work done by St Anne’s Day Centre, you can find information on their website HERE.  Their site gives information on services offered, opening times etc., as well as information on how you can donate cash, food or goods to the centre.  There is even guidance on how you can become more involved by donating your time as a centre volunteer, HERE.