Middle Street School Leavers Party With Pizza From Donatello

As the schools break up and Brighton’s kids look forward to a well-deserved break from the classroom, the Year 6 pupils at our local primary school, Middle Street Primary, are preparing for the exciting, if somewhat scary, step-up to high school.

To celebrate their last day at Middle Street, teaching staff arranged the traditional leaver’s party for the kids.


Of course, all that partying and all that excitement gave our local Year 6 leavers a serious appetite.  That’s why here at Donatello, we agreed to donate a bumper load of our delicious pizzas for the kids to enjoy on the day of their graduation to big school.

Middle st kids 2014

According to teacher Ms Martin, the party was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time.  It seems Donatello pizza met the kids approval as it was reported that there was not a crumb left afterwards!  That’s what we like to hear!

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of Middle Street Primary’s leavers on your achievements at Primary school and wish you all the very best as you move to secondary education.  Enjoy the summer kids, and remember to do your old school proud when you start high school in September.